There are a variety of online services to meet your needs. For more information about these services, and for Facebook, YouTube and/or Zoom links, please contact the church office at or (480)345-2686.

Sunday Worship Service

We livestream a hybrid traditional and contemporary worship every Sunday morning at 9:30am. If you have a Facebook account you can see it on our Facebook page otherwise you can see it on our YouTube page . Abiding by CDC and Diocesan guidelines, you can also attend this service in-person.

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Links to all of our previous online worship service videos are listed in the Service Videos page.


If prayer is a significant practice in your life, yet it sometimes gets crowded out very easily, you might enjoy the style of worship created by the community of Taizé in France. Taizé worship is based around chant-like simple songs repeated many times interspersed with periods of prayers, readings and silence. It can provide a way to “turn off the buzz” of our daily lives and experience a new depth of prayer and contemplation. The Taizé service is currently on pause but we plan to resume this special service later on this year.

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is held via Zoom every Wednesday at 2:30pm. It is a method of meditation used by Christians with strong emphasis on interior silence. The modern movement can be traced to St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA. Fr. William Menninger and Abbot Thomas Keating promoted the practice in the Abbey naming it from Thomas Morton’s writings in which prayer is a return to ones heart and findings one’s deepest center by which one awakens profound depths of being. Creators of the movement trace their roots to lectionary divina and works of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. Centering Prayer promotes ‘Openness To the Lord.’ For specific information or Zoom details please see the weekly newsletter or contact the facilitator at